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Waste and Commodity Management

At 7Gen Waste Logistics, our goal is to effectively assist our customers with:
• Achieving green initiatives
• Becoming landfill free
• Creating close loop recycling
• Working towards their cost savings goals in relation to waste management
7Gen does not own any landfills or recycling centers so we have the customers best interest and goals in mind. We customize comprehensive waste and recycling plans to fit each customer’s individual needs and objectives.

Seventh Generation Story

The “Seventh Generation,” philosophy is one that is derived from the Iroquois Great Law of Peace. As a guiding moral code intended to guide great leaders, it states that “In our every deliberation we must consider the impact on the Seventh Generation; that we should always consider how our decisions and actions will impact others seven generations in the future.” This principle guides 7Gen’s efforts to find solutions to benefit the collective future of not only the company and customers, but for all of Creation.


7Gen’s main services include:

• Custom waste & recycling plans that fit individual plant needs
• Custom reporting & landfill diversion analysis
• Waste stream & current service analysis/audit
• Landfill diversion
• Invoice management
• Roll offs
• Equipment purchase of lease
• Close loop commodity management
• Utilize all disposal options
• Front load service

But we are also willing to work with customers on special projects and requests.

Advanced Analytics

7Gen has the programs necessary to create and provide the most up-to-date and informative data that you may be needing for your company. The invoicing process is also easy, consolidated, and flexible with multiple platforms.

7Gen is an Ongweoweh Company

7Gen was established by Ongweoweh Corp, a leading pallet and packaging management company operating in North America. 7Gen Waste Logistics has the tools and network needed to effectively create success and solutions for customers.

Front Load Services

Waste disposal
Single stream recycling
OCC recycling
2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 cubic yard dumpsters

Roll Offs

Solid waste
Clean fill
Temporary service
10, 20, 30, 40 cubic yard dumpster


Equipment Purchase or Lease

Manufacture direct

We're Independent

We are not tied to any landfills or recycling centers so we are able to offer the best solutions available within the network.


Utilize all disposal options

Waste to energy
C&D sites


Invoice Management


Landfill Diversion


Waste Stream and current service analysis/audits


Custom waste & recycling plans that fit individual plant needs


Custom reporting and landfill diversion analysis